Dimboola station. This great photo was taken by my son Craig

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Auscision update, and RMX news.

Auscision announced several years ago, they were going to produce the Commonwealth railways RMX container wagon, in both round and square hole versions. with this project having fallen off the radar, I asked. Yes, it is still in development, and possible due next year. If you model intermodal trains in Australia, this one is a definite requirement, as they operated on all Commonwealth Railway, later AN trains, plus National Rail, and are still going strong, on PN, QRNational/Auzron, and SCT services.
RMX origin flat with QRNational.
Also, what has happened to the 22 class in ARG/GWA orange and black. Well it is in the second run, but, we have to wait till all the NSW 422 class models have sold out.

Samples of their BLX/VBBX were also on show.
AN class. These, according to Peter, leave China on Monday (26/8/2013).
PS VR Z vans are also on the way.

SDS intermodal update

Caulfield is the time to find out what is coming up in production. SDS's new RQGY container wagons are due to go into production very shortly, with all the errors having been sorted out. These would be possibly due by christmas. They are also willing to look into under taking the RQSY, as this just means a change in the deck, while all else is already available.
Their new tank cars for both Victoria and South Australia were released at the show, and are very impressive.
ATBL tank cars.
One wagon that has been on display, usually just displaying their 40' TNT containers, is a 80' JCW/NQJW skeletal flat, with the almost same Victorian VQDW and AN's AQDW. Well, having asked, the JCW/NQJW model is in development. Will be available in pristine livery and road grime, meaning can be used as either Victorian or AN units, plus through to National Rail and Pacific National.
80' JCW skeletal flats.

Also, there is the possibility of some tautliner or curtain sided containers. Possibly in both 40' and 48' units.

Caulfield 2013 report

Early start to the day, as Craig and I caught the first flight to Melbourne. After having our usual breakfast, we headed for Caulfield Racecourse, for the Australian Model railway Association (Victorian Branch) annual exhibition.
Arriving soon after opening, the show already had good attendance. There was a good selection of traders (most of the Australian 'manufacturers' were in attendance) and layouts, many of them new, having not seen before at an exhibition.
One of the larger ones was Kilmore East, running Victorian from the 1960's to present date, both board and standard gauge. The station is at one end, the Apex/Hanson quarry loader at the other, with countryside along the long front.

Kilmore East station
Another fine Victorian layout was Mildura Station, during the 1950/60's.

Mildura Station yard
Locomotive facilities at Mildura.
For something different, and a favourite with the crowds, is the lego layout. It just amazes what these guys can do with plastic blocks, which included Victorian narrow gauge.

Lego Na narrow gauge steam.
Not only Australian layouts. Eyarth is a small end to end layout, operating British railway diesels. All had sound and the signal flags all moved.
What did we pick up. Obtained Auscision's 73 class in CRT livery. This poor little loco was acquired by Wimmera Container Line to shunt the Horsham yard when Freight Australia was purchased by PN, and the Horsham Container service became a pickup service. It was soon replaced by a Lok shunt tractor and dumped at the back of the oil siding.
Plus, some On Track Models VLEX vans at reduced price.
CRT's 73 class
 Having finished at the exhibition, we headed for Frankston, (about forty minutes by train). It was Craig's turn, as we headed to the Braaap shop. If interested in mini motocross, this is the place to  visit for small motocross bikes, parts, clothing, even lessons, and the staff are very friendly.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Dooen grain

On the 6th of August, GWA operated a grain loading from the Wimmera Intermodal Freight terminal at Dooen, just north of Horsham. This was the first time a grain hoppers, CGAY's have been loaded from the terminal by Viterra. As the grain handing terminal has yet to be built by Viterra, the grain was trucked from their grain storage facility one and a half kilometers away, then loaded by a portable loading auger into the grain wagons. Up front were GWU005 2216 and GWU001. Once loading was complete the train departed for Port Adelaide.
This was one of four trains operated to Port Adelaide, by GWA, in early August, with the other three been loaded at the Dimboola Grainflow terminal.


Saturday, 10 August 2013

Trainorama's GM

Trainorama have finally released their HO scale GM locomotive. Versions available are mainly the non dynamic brake series; not seen on the Adelaide to Melbourne route, and GM 42 with only the rear fan cover. Until a double cover dynamic brake version is released in either AN or G&W livery, my money is safe.
A mate brought his Commonwealth Railways livery GM 32 over on Saturday. A fine looking model, pity about the colour (more sort of a desert faded red). The model is of a fair weight, and the new motor (one reason for the lengthy wait for its release) ran smoothly and quietly. In fact it ran at a similar speed to the Austrains CL, with no tugging or pushing between each unit.

Compare the GM with the Austrains CL behind it, which has a better rendition of the colour. In the bottom photo, the GM is against a true Commonwealth Railways red colour chip, supplied to me by Clyde Engineering, many years ago, and religiously kept in a dark place so it cannot fade.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Horsham field trip

A return trip to Horsham found the yard still been used by QUBE. Containers for transporting grain are stacked around the yard, plus many AQCY container flats. No sign of any motive power, as rumour has it, the containers are now trucked to Melbourne, and the yard is now used as mainly storage and QUBE office.

Horsham Yard.
The boxes are loaded at the Viterra silo terminal at Dooen. (Photo below)

Grain loading.

Finally managed to obtain an across the track view of the station. Note, the voids  under the platform, where the signal rodding would have extended out from the signal box, before it was replaced and demolished, early 1970's.

I recently came across a photo, taken in the 1920's, showing the eastern end of the station. There once stood a another brick building, attached to the main building by a brick wall. More interesting though, it showed the verandah before the alterations, and it was once supported by possibly, five cast iron posts, positioned about 3/4s out from the building along the platform.

Brick style station at Talbot showing verandah roof and posts.
Talbot station showing verandah posts as originally at Horsham.

The above two images show the style of verandah posts, (from Talbot station on the Ballarat to Marybourgh line, which is in original condition today and privately owned). The drawing shows the curves of the roofing, though I do not think the verandah at Horsham extended out quiet as far.
Ref:  Ralph Durr’s Full Steam Ahead