Dimboola station. This great photo was taken by my son Craig

Sunday, 20 December 2015

South Australian Silo Verticals

After a reminder about posting drawings for South Australian concrete vertical silos: its time! These structures are spaced about every forty miles along from Tailem Bend to the Victorian border ( about the distance a horse and cart could travel in a day, from farm to station/silo; before the days when farmers had trucks or contracted freight companies to haul their grain).
There are two basic types, the twin vertical: similar to the Victorian silos, and a four cell plus design, that is, the smallest, like at Keith, is a four cell, or South Australian Bulk Handling added extra twin cell to increase capacity. Same design, just more cells. (The silos at Roseworthy are different).

Sorry, slightly off center, but the edge of the scan is the edge of the cell,
The height of the cell from ground to top is 325mm, the total height is 464mm and the cells are 110mm in diameter (same as PVC piping).
Bunnings sell PVC pipe by the meter, and if you are careful you can get a near straight cut. At least one end will be square cut. My model is not (will post photos soon). I found it was easier to screw to pipes together with some self drilling screws, top and bottoms, but make a wooden block to hold them in shape.

Coonalpyn has ten cells, plus two steel bins.

Tintinara has 8 celss.


Drawings for two cell silos. (I have left these a larger file size).

PS If anyone is modelling QR, they have silos that almost the same design as the SA ones. The first link is for Dalby, and the second, Wandoan.



  1. Thanyou for posting these.


  2. I have plans for the two cell silos, will have to find and copy. Also photos to add.

  3. Great blog!..

    I'd like to make a model of the cells at Apamurra


    Would the twin silo design be the same diameter as the 4 cell?


  4. Hi Ian, They are the same diameter.

  5. Thanks Andrew, just started on the model. nearest pipe size diameter I could get in the UK was 100mm but near enough..even so its difficult to imagine (if you haven't seen 'em up close) how big these structures are - even in HO!!

  6. Hi Ian, You should be able to get 110mm pipe. Remember, pipe is measures from the outside. I have more two cell silo photos plus Apamurra is not far away from me, though I have never been there.