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Sunday, 25 August 2013

SDS intermodal update

Caulfield is the time to find out what is coming up in production. SDS's new RQGY container wagons are due to go into production very shortly, with all the errors having been sorted out. These would be possibly due by christmas. They are also willing to look into under taking the RQSY, as this just means a change in the deck, while all else is already available.
Their new tank cars for both Victoria and South Australia were released at the show, and are very impressive.
ATBL tank cars.
One wagon that has been on display, usually just displaying their 40' TNT containers, is a 80' JCW/NQJW skeletal flat, with the almost same Victorian VQDW and AN's AQDW. Well, having asked, the JCW/NQJW model is in development. Will be available in pristine livery and road grime, meaning can be used as either Victorian or AN units, plus through to National Rail and Pacific National.
80' JCW skeletal flats.

Also, there is the possibility of some tautliner or curtain sided containers. Possibly in both 40' and 48' units.

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