Dimboola station. This great photo was taken by my son Craig

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Horsham update - 2

The last train to operate from the Horsham Station yard terminal, ran on 7 September 2012. During the next few day, Wimmera Container Line transferred all their equipment (but for poor 7334) to the new terminal at Dooen.
The first commercial train out of Dooen was on the 11 September 2012. The Horsham Station yard is now empty, and there is talk for redevelopment of the area.
Also, funding has been obtained for a study into a Horsham rail by-pass. The idea floated by ARTC was for a running by-pass. Trains running in one direction, would pass through Horsham, while the other direction would use the by-pass. This was proposed to reduce the number of crosses happening in the restricted Horsham yard, and to speed up transit times. Horsham cannot be abandoned as it is still served by the Overland passenger service.

7334 parked at end of a siding Horsham Yard

Friday, 28 September 2012

C44ACi from Auscision

Auscision models announced they are to release an HO scale model of the UGL/GE C44ACi locomotive.
Sample C44ACi. From Auscision Facebook page.(With permission)

QRNational 6001
Up till recently, QR National's 6000 class were the only example of the C44ACi seen on the Main South Line, operating QR National intermodal service between Melbourne and Perth, with lay over in Adelaide. One use to be able to to the Port Adelaide terminal, where they were stabled mid journey. Now the train stops at Dry creek terminal, with the Adelaide off load being transferred to Port terminal by an GWA hauled shuttle.
With the  GWA taking delivery of their own GWU class, these can now seen hauling grain from all the silos all along the line. Usually empty hoppers are off loaded on the trip towards the Victorian border, then collected on the return journey.

Bringing my layout right up to date, will be able to run one with my CLF. Usually, these trains are triple headed, in GWU, CLP/F and GM, plus 700 and ALF combinations, with AHGX and CGAY hoppers.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Murray Bridge

September 2012, and the Australian International Pedal Prix is on at Murray Bridge. While the thousands of kids of all ages set up for the 24 hour race, it was a time to check out Murray Bridge station.
The Murray Bridge yard is situated on the north side of the town, and the river. The actual station is on the left in the above photo, built 1915. The other large building, are the old refreshment rooms, built in the early 1880's.
The yard also contains, a 1883 station masters residence, a 1887 timber railway worker cottage and annex, four 1910 stone cottages, and two 1920's Webb era prefab-concrete cottages. A SAR Institute building, 1910 stone barracks, and more recent barracks built by AN.

1887 Timber cottage.

At the Adelaide end, is a small silo complex, and the switches to access the line down the side of the cliff to Murray Bridge wharf. The line is a bit over grown, but one can still walk along it. also situated here is an 1883Edge Moor Iron Company, USA 53ft turntable.

Wharf line down side of cliffs.

The line, not only accessed the wharf, but also another Noske Bros flour mill complex. This building is still in use, producing animal feeds, buy no longer serviced by rail. (But all the rails are still there, just covered by Bitumen. The rail access is to the left of the building.)

The line passes underneath the highway through a short tunnel and out onto the bridge, opened in 1925 Originally, the line past through as cutting (it is still there) and across, what is now the road bridge. Each of the two truss spans are 185ft in length, with the curved chord riveted span, 240ft in length. From there, across the flood plain flats, are 18, 70ft girder spans, curving to the right. Total length of 1880ft.

And for those who don't know, the above photos shows just a few of the cars just before the start of the 24 hour race.

Royal Adelaide Show 2012

For the past few years in the Grain exhibition hall, there has been a model railway, showing the transport of grain from farm to shipping terminal. Two trains operate in a continuous circuit of track.

Unfortunately, in South Australia, more grain is being transported by truck. Many of the mid north line are now closed. Where grain is transported to terminals such as Roseworthy is now shipped to Adelaide by road.