Dimboola station. This great photo was taken by my son Craig

Saturday, 16 November 2013

SDS Models Update

SDS Models have announced that their RQBY containers wagons have arrived. More wagons for intermodal services, in both National Rail and Pacific National liveries.

Photo: SDS Models. The two outer wagons are RQBY, the inner, an OCY.

Also announced, (a not so secret model), as I wrote about in my Caulfield SDS update. Engineering sample models of the JCW type 80' container wagons. Finally something to put those 40' TNT containers on, especially as Auscision have just received a re-run of their TNT 40' containers. While these are the NSW version, they are very similar to the VR VQDW and AN AQDW versions. When fully loaded you would not be able to tell the difference in the deck, and a change of bogies, to ride control.




VQDW drawing.
This is an update to my update. Further discussion on the web forums have revealed that SDS are producing two more types of container wagons. Under the future release banner there is the following, showing the new to come RACE containers.

It's the wagon on the right, that is of interest, as it has VR XCS bogies, a FQX/VQCX. SDS did all the work for Aust- N-Scale's FQX N scale RTR wagon.

9-3-2014, this wagon was confirmed at the Sandown Model Rail exhibition.The Victorian FQX sample was on display, along with the South Australian version. May we see the variations in the future.

Unit48.com containers part 2

A week has passed and out again to catch the 6MP7 passing through Mount Barker Junction; usually around 10.15 in the morning. How another week can be different. On arrival, all the signals were blank, before turning red: meaning something was stop in the loop. Then the sound of throbbing GM's coming up the hill with a return grain, coming to  a halt into the loop. Three GM's and two class 22's. (Some of these were on an empty I saw on last Tuesday, that had five GM's: three in orange and two green units, and a class 22).

The grain had been pulled into the loop to allow 6MP7 Pacific National Trailerail service to pass (running late). Up front were two 93 class (9313 and 9312) and trailing NR13.

Only two Unit48.com dry boxes, and a few curtain sided containers. More unusual, was the five pack well wagon set in the middle of the consist.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Unit48.com containers

Unit48.com is an Australian  subsidiary of the Dutch based Unit45.com container company. In association with  Freightquip Australia, they now provide both curtainsided and drybox 48' units for the Australian market. Unit45 is Europe's leading innovator in the creation and manufacturer of container solutions.
In Europe, where the 45' unit is more common, as it provides better specifications in the loading of pallet cargo, while here in Australia the 48' is more common.
I first saw a photo of one on Wagonfreak's blog back in June. A chance today, to get out and see 7MP7 Trailerail, and there they were. About 10% of the train.