Dimboola station. This great photo was taken by my son Craig

Friday, 29 July 2011

Steel trains

Auscision's new release of the Victorian CSX wagon has added further wagons to forming a steel traffic train. These ran into South Australia on steel trains, up into early National Rail days, seemingly with tarps.
VCSX with light load, no tarp.

Below a steel train during late Australian National. Up front, past the departing Indian Pacific, are twin BL class loco's trailed by numerous AOOX open wagons, with a few VOCX wagons in the mix, then VFCX wagons. The two green wagons are Australian National AKEX / AOQF coil steel wagons. These were all former SAR/ANR/AN SO/AOQY/AOQF opens. AN rollingstock circularRS4118/1986 states "Remove body and fit new superstructure reclassify AKEX 1 TO 20 (AOQY (20). To be selected from 101 to 354 series (EX SAR)". Additionally, AN line diagram (F-18) for the AKEX states "Converted from 'AOQY' (ex 'SO')". Fitted with 70tonnes bogies and recoded to RCEF under National Rail.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

First signal

Horsham yard has sets of twin two position searchlight signal at each end of the yard. The first San Mateo Line model signal has been installed, as signal No: 30,  at the western end of the yard.(Signal has been illuminated for the photo. Still to be wired in and place the box on the mast.) Control boxes to be made yet.