Dimboola station. This great photo was taken by my son Craig

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Layout work weekend

A fine weekend brought about some work on one of my corner modules. The reason for this was, that the weekend before, this was the position where one my X class locomotives took a tumble. The new scenic area in the above photo use to be open. The lad had placed a sheet of paper over the track, the plan for his basket ball ring. Unknown to me, I was testing the new wiring under DCC power, and the lead loco, a X class ran up, onto the unseen piece of paper, and landed on the floor. Luckily, apart from some cracks in the cab, the only other thing was the drive train came apart. A quick dis-assemble, and all the bits were clicked back together.
The left hand side is plaster bandage over flywire, while the right, I tried card board lattice with Chux wipe cloth, hot glued into place, then plaster bandage. I then cover the area with Woodland Scenic fine earth scatter, then a sprinkle of burnt grass over the top. After this, 2mm long static grass was applied.

I also started work on the next section, adding in both upper and lower levels, where, hopefully in the future, the up and down spiral tracks return to the main modules.

Powerline's VHGF

Powerline released recently a second run of the third series VHGF grain hoppers. The following numbers are available.

PD-100A-222 GJF-222 VR
PD-101A-303 VHGY-303 VR
PD-102A-316 VHGY-316 VG
PD-103A-332 VHGF-332X VG
PD-106A-302 VHGF-302H VF
PD-107A-323 VHGF-323J VF-ABB
PD-108A-259 VHGF-259 VF-CUB

I added both the Australian Barley Board and the Malting Barley for Carlton & United livery units to my collection. Below; not being politically correct; here are the sides hidden from view in the shops because of their association with the alcohol industry.
The standard of these models is the same as the previous run. The printing is sharp and the orange band is correct, as it was not V/Line orange. The only problem is the quality of the wheels which area bit chunky.
The other problem, is that the metal walkways seem to have had some rough handling on assembly, with sections been pushed down. These can be straightened by carefully pushing from beneath with a thin flat object. I had a privilege to select my two units, obtaining two with minimal damage to the walkways.