Dimboola station. This great photo was taken by my son Craig

Friday, 5 April 2013

NQKY container wagon.

If having read earlier, the NQKY container wagon had its origin from the NSW Electric Power and Transmission,  CDY open wagon, built during 1975-76.  AR Kits produce a kit for the CDY, and they, having recently had a mad March sale, I purchased a unit for trial conversion to the NQKY.

If kit makes for conversion, as the under frame is a separate moulding to the body. At first I thought of building a new deck from strip styrene, but decided to cut off the body from the deck, then cut out all the holes to reproduce the skeletal appearance of the NQKY. If planning to have the wagon fully loaded, then probably do not have to cut the deck holes; but there are a few details to add.

Above are two NQKY wagons, each different. Note, the bottom photograph has had more weight cut out of it than the unit above.

Modified frame

This how the underframe will look, with the extra pieces removed. I have also replaced the plastic airline that is included, with 1/32 brass rod. I used the original to bend to shape.

Deck cut out and added pieces in place.
With the deck cutting finally finished, the frame was attached, strengthening around the brake components, and brake components added. Still to go, shunter steps and hand grabs and a few other parts, then into the paint shop.