Dimboola station. This great photo was taken by my son Craig

Monday, 8 October 2012

SDS Models OCY/NQOY flats

SDS Models new OCY/NQOY 63' container flats have arrived. While a kit has been available from Casula Hobbies (same as the Powerline container flat), this new wagon is fully detailed. My first pack of three are NQOY classification is in road grime, though I have seen relative clean blue wagons on trains. Though a New South Wales wagon: since the introduction of National Rail in 1992, these wagons now run all over Australia on National Rail, and now Pacific National Inter-modal services.
 Most of the wagons in the 15000, 34000 and 35000, plus a few in the 14900 series, were transferred to the NRC in 1994-95.

Over the years many have have been modified, most noticeably, they have had large holes cut in their decks and the chain boxes removed.

If modelling any NRC/PN train, these wagons are a must, but not too many, as you only see odd ones in a train. Remember most have been modified. (Remember: while it is confusing, as both are operated by Pacific National, most local containers are shipped on Toll services, while International containers are mostly shipped on Patrick services). These wagons DO NOT operate on QRNational or SCT services.

NQOY 14970 at Mile End.
Just like the real thing.

SDS NQOY, fitted with an Auscision Toll livery 40' container. In the pack are included various container anchors. If pre-twist lock, there is an installation guide on the SDS Models website. If modelling NRC and PN, use the little white pins. Auscision and SDS containers fit. Walthers and Athearn containers have pins moulded on the bottom of the container. These do not fit in the holes, so the pins need to be removed, and carefully hand drill small holes to fit the mounting pins

View of the deck.
Motive power, is of course, NR class.