Dimboola station. This great photo was taken by my son Craig

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Horsham field trip

A return trip to Horsham found the yard still been used by QUBE. Containers for transporting grain are stacked around the yard, plus many AQCY container flats. No sign of any motive power, as rumour has it, the containers are now trucked to Melbourne, and the yard is now used as mainly storage and QUBE office.

Horsham Yard.
The boxes are loaded at the Viterra silo terminal at Dooen. (Photo below)

Grain loading.

Finally managed to obtain an across the track view of the station. Note, the voids  under the platform, where the signal rodding would have extended out from the signal box, before it was replaced and demolished, early 1970's.

I recently came across a photo, taken in the 1920's, showing the eastern end of the station. There once stood a another brick building, attached to the main building by a brick wall. More interesting though, it showed the verandah before the alterations, and it was once supported by possibly, five cast iron posts, positioned about 3/4s out from the building along the platform.

Brick style station at Talbot showing verandah roof and posts.
Talbot station showing verandah posts as originally at Horsham.

The above two images show the style of verandah posts, (from Talbot station on the Ballarat to Marybourgh line, which is in original condition today and privately owned). The drawing shows the curves of the roofing, though I do not think the verandah at Horsham extended out quiet as far.
Ref:  Ralph Durr’s Full Steam Ahead

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