Dimboola station. This great photo was taken by my son Craig

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Caulfield 2013 report

Early start to the day, as Craig and I caught the first flight to Melbourne. After having our usual breakfast, we headed for Caulfield Racecourse, for the Australian Model railway Association (Victorian Branch) annual exhibition.
Arriving soon after opening, the show already had good attendance. There was a good selection of traders (most of the Australian 'manufacturers' were in attendance) and layouts, many of them new, having not seen before at an exhibition.
One of the larger ones was Kilmore East, running Victorian from the 1960's to present date, both board and standard gauge. The station is at one end, the Apex/Hanson quarry loader at the other, with countryside along the long front.

Kilmore East station
Another fine Victorian layout was Mildura Station, during the 1950/60's.

Mildura Station yard
Locomotive facilities at Mildura.
For something different, and a favourite with the crowds, is the lego layout. It just amazes what these guys can do with plastic blocks, which included Victorian narrow gauge.

Lego Na narrow gauge steam.
Not only Australian layouts. Eyarth is a small end to end layout, operating British railway diesels. All had sound and the signal flags all moved.
What did we pick up. Obtained Auscision's 73 class in CRT livery. This poor little loco was acquired by Wimmera Container Line to shunt the Horsham yard when Freight Australia was purchased by PN, and the Horsham Container service became a pickup service. It was soon replaced by a Lok shunt tractor and dumped at the back of the oil siding.
Plus, some On Track Models VLEX vans at reduced price.
CRT's 73 class
 Having finished at the exhibition, we headed for Frankston, (about forty minutes by train). It was Craig's turn, as we headed to the Braaap shop. If interested in mini motocross, this is the place to  visit for small motocross bikes, parts, clothing, even lessons, and the staff are very friendly.

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