Dimboola station. This great photo was taken by my son Craig

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

That Container again

Here is that container again. A bit sharper photo, but it had been placed in a well wagon, so the info about what it was all about was hidden.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Dimboola wagons

Passing through Dimboola, came across several VCHF cement wagons, now on the storage road, along with the usual VHGF grain hoppers.
VHCF 39 P   

Friday, 26 August 2011

SCT containers

To be surprised, Auscision Models released a 40' corrugated container early August. Had a chance to speak to Pete at the Caulfield Exhibition. Box number 126 was the one he had a photo of, then he selected 122 as the other. Unfortunately it was a bad choice.
The two model containers together on an 80' VQDW.
Here is a photo of the real Box SCT122. The logo is on the other end. As Pete said 'their is always one that is different, and when you randomly choose a number, it is the one you pick that is different.

Here are four more SCT boxes, all of the 40'Plus reefer type, each marked differently.

And one more. New 48' corrugated boxes loaded in a PWWY well wagon.

NR 25 Indian Pacific

On the day that NR 18 was been unveiled at Keswick Terminal in the new yellow Indian Pacific livery, NR 25 in the old blue IP livery ran second behind NR 77 in Pacific National livery with Stars. Seen passing through Mount Lofty around 9am in the morning. Trailing was DL39, acting as hills banker.

Also on this train was a Rail Containers box, with a colourful banner for advertising space, on the side of container, 'Take your advertising Australia wide everywhere the others are, PLUS where the others arn't.'


Keith, now just a grain handling siding. The station was the same as at Tintinara, built in 1960, (now demolished). The engineers siding passes through the goods shed, still standing, while the grain siding passes behind the goods shed. Keith now has a 1876m crossing loop, on the Adelaide side of the yard.
Keith Station.  Source National Archives via Inprotrans

Four cell concrete vertical, with behind, a two steel bins. Something was missing since my last visit in December 2008. (One of the wettest December days on record. The only time it stopped was between Keith and Bordertown). Below: the bagged grain shed: now gone.

The goods shed remains, just.
Four railway cottages remain, two brick, one fibro, and a standard SAR prefab concrete, five room cottage , all now privately owned.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Horsham Update

A road trip to Melbourne for the AMRA Caulfield exhibition, resulted in the chance to update my photos of Horsham. Now truly taken over by Wimmera Container Line, which included sheds and yard, over past the Norske Mill complex.

 Yard full of wagons, and trucks.

At the Melbourne end of the yard, the QUBE/ P&O Trans Australia Horsham Melbourne service awaiting the depart, after the Overland had past.
Photo: Craig

Two days later, the same locos have returned. Under going some minor servicing. the consist of wagons sits in road four by the goods shed.