Dimboola station. This great photo was taken by my son Craig

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Vineyard to fill a corner.

I had a corner that was bare, so what to do with it. I have always wanted to model a vineyard, so a Seppeltsfield Great Western is on the Adelaide to Melbourne main line, I decided to reproduce a small section of there vineyard. The main line actually cuts right through the property, with the main winery on the western side of the track, and a large area of vines on the eastern side, from track to the highway. At the Melbourne end, the track swings around a curve, across a road crossing (Garden Gully Road) and into bushland. This is the end I decide to reproduce.
The vines came from JTT models and some I picked up a the Adelaide exhibition, from MP scenery (which are actually the same company, but there is a difference in the vines each 'company' produces).
The MP scenery vines are in the foreground, JTT at the rear, with a bit of extra foliage added. (Still want to add some fine loose leaves).
Next, there is also a line of trees running along the track. By chance, a visit to Orient Express Model Railway shop, there were some hand made gum trees on the second hand shelf, of about the right size. These were acquired, and with of extra paint, fitted the bill.

The trees in temporary place. The track still has to be relaid. I removed the foam and laid a cork track bed. The landscape under the trees is canite, filed to shape. On the other side, is foam board, just recently added: still to receive plaster bandage covering.
Still more scenic materials to add especially static grasses, and a bit more work on the trees, more vines, plus the track needs ballast, and a road crossing to add, which is just out of view on the right.

The trees have been removed fora while. The foam is now covered in plaster bandage, just awaiting for it to harden. More vines have also been added, but do not show in this photo.

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