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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Caulfield Exhibition Report 2015

Once again the AMRA exhibition has been attended on August 22. Many fine layouts. First, we get to the nitty gritty. Auscision had the recent arrival of the GT46C- Ace, in various liveries. On display in the cabinet, were painted samples of (Bendigo Models second run) of the flat top T class, XTP, X class and 421 class models, GT46C- Ace's and samples of their upcoming SQKF/NKQX steel flat wagons, the NODY opens and various variations and the for ever coming RMX. (Which will be available as four packs, unlike previously reported).

RMX with rectangular holes.
RMX with oval holes.
RKLY coil steel wagon without boxes
RKLY with boxes.

When will we see the C43/44aci? Next year. They have been delayed: mainly because Auscision have just released three diesels close together, and want to give the market a bit of a rest. The NR developement is progressing, and there will be more diesels to come, as there is always a place for models which have been produced in the past, to be produced in more detail!
Overland cars. There was a maybe, but passenger cars are very expensive to produce, as a lot of different tooling is required. Highly likely a second run of the E cars next year. Also, there will a rerun of VHGF grain hoppers, to include SSR livery, as SSR have just purchased ten wagons from Pacific National.
Ontrack models had samples of the Victorian Sprinter railcar, due possibly by the end of the year.

SDS models had production samples of the JCW 80' flat wagon, due early November.  Also it is likely that we will see the VR and ANR versions. The QMX wagon is in development; this wagon will be released along with a re-run of the FQX, as they share many components. More container liveries, with curtain sided/tautliner 40' containers on the cards.
Southern Railmodels have painted samples of their L class and sceond run of the V/Locity railcars.

L calss in ATN livery. Almost tempted?
Other maufactureres, Austrains and Eureka, had nothing new. The only other models, was Haskells coming early L class, and of course, Trainworld/Railmotor's SCT (still no painted sample - suppose to be coming soon).
Haskell' s L class.
The layouts.
Town and Country, a mix of Victorian early suburban and country trains, with some very nice town buildings.
Maryborough, with its beautiful station building and steam era trains.
Wallan, Victorian Railways in the mid to late 1960's
A Town Like Alice, Australian National Railways, from the Barcoola team. The engine shed looking towards the freight sidings and container/trailer terminal.
Electric Car Sheds, from NSW. A representation of suburban electric train maintenance shed from Sydney.
Jackson Creek, and On30" Victoria narrow gauge layout


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