Dimboola station. This great photo was taken by my son Craig

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Track diagram No 1

Finally, I have a track diagram to post. I have quite a few of these drawings, but when you want to scan them, can you find them all: no.

This shows the left hand corner, or the Melbourne end of Horsham yard. In real life, this end is as long as the station yard area, but has to be bent around in curves; then directed behind one of the garage supports, to run single line again. The station building is marked, and has to fit right up against a wall support, which slightly means that the goods shed has to be out of position, opposite it.
This area is 110cm wide.

The points are Electrofrog,  PECO code 75, medium radius in the yard, and code 83 (number 6's) coming off the main line, which is code 83 wooden sleeper flex track. The yard is also code 75.
Also shown, is the curve for the track on the lower deck, which is actually single line, and not double, as drawn. This heads into a three yard silo yard on the left, which extends out from the 51cm. The main concern with this section, is that, the main line run right along the edge of the board! Might need a safety barrier, as this area has yet to be run at speed, only used for shunting as the track at each end does not connect to anything. Yet.

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  1. I have found signalling to be a problem when loops extend to curves - how are the UP drivers going to see the signal when it's on a curve?