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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

NR in a new skin

Recently SDS Models released a whole different series of spare parts, including NR class body shells. So I decided I would change one of my NR's to Pacific National livery. TrailRail NR 54 was the subject.
This involved un-clipping the body, unscrewing the die-cast weight and releasing all the wiring to motor and lights. Not too hard!
Then it was a matter of working in reverse, and hoping that none of the tiny screws had disappeared. The only adjustments I made, were, the motor contacts are now soldered to their board, and I got one of the switches underneath, back to front, which caused a bit of concern when testing came, as I wondered why the headlights were not working with the ditch lights.


The body of NR 54 will be safely put away. (This is not the first time I have done this. I purchased a class 66, 66412 in Malcolm Rail Livery, then I came across Peter's Spares in the UK selling Direct Rail Services 66412 body shells, so purchased one, and now my 66412 is in Direct Rail Livery. The trouble with special liveries, is, that sometimes they loco does not stay that way very long).


I only now have to obtain a few other bits. Even though I have a set of brass horns for an NR, they are tucked away in a safe place, so safe I don't know where they are. So a set of horns will also so provide the windscreen wipers, and I also need the antenna cover in PacNat yellow.
So far has cost $99.

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