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Monday, 23 March 2015

Auscision Models SCT Locomotive 012

My SCT livery GT46C-Ace has arrived (the first of two required). Auscision have to be congratulated on another fine model. As it is becoming the norm, this model has many fine detail items, especially on the bogie frames. Many need one of their railers, so there is less touching of the bogies when placing on the track.

Have not fitted a DCC decoder yet. The instruction say to remove the body. It is a pity that they did not make the roof panel removable, like Ontracks' 82 class, as the decoder pins are just underneath it.
Will be going with a ESU 21 pin pin decoder, sorry, no sound.

How do you remove the body from the GT46C_Ace. Under neath there are four screws to remove. Two are close to the rear of the front bogie, so a small screw driver helps. Unclip the rear hand rails from the main frame, then there are two clips, one at the rear and front under the anti-climber. The body then should lift off, if not glued.

There is also a slight fault in the models of SCT007 and 012. Some, after removing the body and replacing it, will not sit level again. The rear will sit down, meaning the pilot will catch points etc. It only shows when the body is reattached. The factory discovered this, and was corrected on the later arrival GT46C-Ace models. It only occurs on the first SCT units. To correct, you have to remove the rear bogie and place a spacer on the pin that fits into to frame. (This pin is not illustrated on the parts drawing supplied). Auscision is aware and will replace, but these numbers are no longer available, so replacement is with another number.and the factory did a fix with the remaining numbers.

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