Dimboola station. This great photo was taken by my son Craig

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Victorian Grain Board Silos 2

My Victorian silo bins now have a hat. The roof structure is now complete, but not yet painted. I made the windows 'solid' behind the window framing, and will paint this black, as no light can been seen through them anyway. Still to build the discharge shoots and walkways/ladders.
I also have completed the little landing a the front. Unfortunately, I found that I had originally set the silos too far back from the track, and the silos had to be repositioned. The idea was to save as much as possible, but I had screwed down the piece of MDF that was the apron around the structure, and the screw was completely hidden. This resulted in the total loss of that area plus two lengths of flex track, which stripped away from the sleepers in the demolition process.
As seen, I have relaid the track and tested with running trains, still to be ballasted, and return of the weeds by static grass. The silo bins have yet to bee attached to the apron area, as they have yet to be fully painted, and final details to be added.