Dimboola station. This great photo was taken by my son Craig

Friday, 28 September 2012

C44ACi from Auscision

Auscision models announced they are to release an HO scale model of the UGL/GE C44ACi locomotive.
Sample C44ACi. From Auscision Facebook page.(With permission)

QRNational 6001
Up till recently, QR National's 6000 class were the only example of the C44ACi seen on the Main South Line, operating QR National intermodal service between Melbourne and Perth, with lay over in Adelaide. One use to be able to to the Port Adelaide terminal, where they were stabled mid journey. Now the train stops at Dry creek terminal, with the Adelaide off load being transferred to Port terminal by an GWA hauled shuttle.
With the  GWA taking delivery of their own GWU class, these can now seen hauling grain from all the silos all along the line. Usually empty hoppers are off loaded on the trip towards the Victorian border, then collected on the return journey.

Bringing my layout right up to date, will be able to run one with my CLF. Usually, these trains are triple headed, in GWU, CLP/F and GM, plus 700 and ALF combinations, with AHGX and CGAY hoppers.