Dimboola station. This great photo was taken by my son Craig

Saturday, 25 August 2012

AHGX models

South Australian models now have the ability to model modern grain hopper trains. Auscision Models AHGX models arrived mid August. This included several special liveries, including a grey unit, marked ANR. After speaking to Peter at the Caulfield Exhibition, there could be more to come, if those individuals holding the photographic evidence do the show and tell, plus some yellow painted Manildra units, repainted with green sides on their return.
MHGX coded unit.
These are the beginning of an ASR grain unit. Purchased four units at the exhibition, to add to the four pre-ordered. These units have run extensively in Victoria, on broad gauge and standard gauge since privatization with ASR and El Zorro
Three MHGX and a CLF
The beginnings of my ASR grain train. Just need a couple of GM locomotives to add up front, and more hoppers. Will have to recode back to AHGX, and change numbers, as Auscision only produced one pack of these units.
All these model wagons are carried on Victorian XSC bogies, done by Auscision for ease. Would also been on ANR ABXC bogies, but now a mix of Victorian, NSW and AN bogies. I have a photo a one on 40 ton ride control and ABXC at the other end!

Two variations not produced are illustrated on the SA grain hopper post. I have photos of two hoppers with yellow roof and ends, plus photos of hoppers with just yellow roof, but all the brake equipment is yellow, as are the discharge door mechanisms. 

Hopefully, one day, can add in some CFCLA CGAY hoppers to the mix.