Dimboola station. This great photo was taken by my son Craig

Friday, 26 August 2011

SCT containers

To be surprised, Auscision Models released a 40' corrugated container early August. Had a chance to speak to Pete at the Caulfield Exhibition. Box number 126 was the one he had a photo of, then he selected 122 as the other. Unfortunately it was a bad choice.
The two model containers together on an 80' VQDW.
Here is a photo of the real Box SCT122. The logo is on the other end. As Pete said 'their is always one that is different, and when you randomly choose a number, it is the one you pick that is different.

Here are four more SCT boxes, all of the 40'Plus reefer type, each marked differently.

And one more. New 48' corrugated boxes loaded in a PWWY well wagon.

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