Dimboola station. This great photo was taken by my son Craig

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Adelaide Exhibition 2017

The Adelaide exhibition now passed. A bit of a ho hum affair, though there were a few new layouts, but less on the trade side. Orient Express had a different non prototype livery Centenary car and some decorated and lite versions for sale, plus information on the F class steam loco, due next year.

A new layout, was Kapunda, of reasonable size and quality.
Two points of interest; one a wife of a spectator also pointed out, was why are the trees so small? Go out and look at gums trees. Even a 50'/15m tree is about 175mm tall and that would be small for a gum tree. The other, the silos were N gauge, should have bee twice the size. Concrete verticals are huge.The only faults of a nice layout.

The English layout Eyarth Station which had been extended with bridges crossing the River Clwyd.

Back again, was Saint_Bernard Sur La Mer, also extended, with a new wharf.

Gavin Thrums Lampwick Lane, part of the British Railways Modellers of Australia.

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