Dimboola station. This great photo was taken by my son Craig

Saturday, 17 October 2015

CGAY to AHAY grain hoppers

On the 23 September 2015, all the Chicago Freight Car CGAY grain hoppers were transferred in ownership to G&W. They are to recoded to AHAY. These wagons have been used by G&W, on lease since they were built in 2001, and have operated in many South Australia, but also through into Victoria. (81 of these M100 series units were built. There is also the CGDY, M92 series hoppers: 42 built; with a lower handling capacity, operating in the eastern states.).
Nine of these wagons were also built for Freight Australia in 2001, coded VHKY 1151-59.

More information: http://www.anicassociates.com/files/maxis_brochure.pdf

Hopper recoded AHAY 900Y. CF markings removed, but remains in original livery.


  1. Yeah it's great to see these CFCLA wheat hoppers but really what is wrong with our young people of today when they must Bloody Tag every piece of railway rolling stock. A blip on society & a Bloody eyesore. Sorry just having my 2c worth

    1. Anonymous You are right and not alone I think the majority would totally agree with you