Dimboola station. This great photo was taken by my son Craig

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

More Maersk reefers

I have managed to obtain a pack of Atlas HO scale Maersk Sealand reefers from the USA. I had initially no intention of purchasing any more, other than the four I obtained from C-Rail a while back. But one evening during late summer, my mate Tony wished to go house viewing over Balhannah way, and just by chance a PN Patrick train passed. Now not seeing very many Maersk reefers on the Adelaide to Melbourne corridor, this train was almost solidly loaded with Maersk Sealand reefers!
So, I checked the website of the Canadian shop that I use, and they had the Atlas Maersk Sealand in stock, which was lucky, as they are sold out almost everywhere else.

Now, I think this is correct. The factory that these come from have two set of dies. One is used by C-Rail, the other by Atlas. If this is wrong, I sure Arran from C-Rail will correct.


At 2:40 Pacific National traveling Western Victoria with Maersk reefers.

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