Dimboola station. This great photo was taken by my son Craig

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Heat wave destruction

I have been home three weeks now after time away, missing the three weeks of heat wave temperatures of over 40DegC. Decided to have a running session, or a shunt session, as usually I only use the bottom section, and shunt grain wagons at my silo complex. this is because the drop in area across the garage door is heavy (needs to be redesigned).
It was when I was operating a shunt, I noticed something not quite right with the upper station area. The area of laid ballast had cracked severely, the area of hard stand in front of the goods shed:which had been laid on foam board; the top layer of paper had lifted away from the foam. (This is the result of heat. The garage is probably not the best spot to built a model rail lay-out).
So I hit the track with large amounts of water, and started to carefully lift (which was not too hard).
by the end of the day, the effected ballast was gone, and most of the track relayed, and rewired. Plus the mess had been cleaned away.

The photos show the after effects, with the ballast cleaned away. The bricks a weighting down some re-glued cork, and the water spray bottle is where the hard stand used to be. Some repair work needs to carried out on the bridge ( just as well not all the steel beams had been put in!).

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