Dimboola station. This great photo was taken by my son Craig

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Auscision's GT46C-ACE

To begin the new year, Auscision Models announced the pending release of their GT46C-ACE (or SCT type) locomotive. No surprise to this bogger, as I was informed a number of years ago, that this model was in development, at about the time Railmotor Models announced they were going to produce the SCT class.
On checking out the web page at Auscision for this models, all liveries are going to be produced, except for the SCT. Suppose we will have to wait to see if Railmotor continues with their model development.
The two liveries of importance for the Adelaide to Melbourne corridor, are of course the QRNational hired LPD units, both in Downer EDI blue, black and white, and QRNational, maroon, black and gold; with all 9 units were introduced in 2009. These locos took over from G class units, and then were replaced/supplemented with the introduction of the 6000 class locomotives.

LPD in EDI/Downer Livery, marked QRNational

LPD in QRNational livery (Auscision Models)

Both these QRNational liveries have run on QRNational intermodal services from Melbourne through to Perth, via Adelaide.

LPD003 LPD001 & CLP13 run through Mt Barker Junction.

LPD004 having arrived at Mawson Lakes from Melbourne, behind a 6000 class