Dimboola station. This great photo was taken by my son Craig

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A not 9am cross

Train waiting can be frustrating. After waiting for nearly an hour to see the Overland cross at Mount Barker Junction, I was giving up to go home, then the unexpected happened. A really late QRNational pulls into the Junction, to allow the Overland enter the loop, nearly a half hour late itself.
Usually this train would be down in the city heading to Dry Creek North yard at this time, and the cross would be with a Pacific National intermodal.

The Overland pulls to a halt before entering Mt Barker Junction loop. Up front is NR1.

Leading was CLF7 with 6007 and Interail 42206 (which was producing the most smoke), as they raced down towards Balhannah.


  1. Hi Shelton,

    There was more to the story. As it happened several years ago, the Overland actual had to come to a halt on the grade leading into Mount Barker Junction for a reason. This was due to the QRNational train having overshot the mark. If you look carefully, you can see plumes of exhaust as the train has to back up. Normally it would have just powered up and past through the junction on the main line, passing the late running QRNational intermodal.