Dimboola station. This great photo was taken by my son Craig

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Horsham model - 1

Horsham began life after several field trips, to gain photographs and measurements for the station building. A yard plan was found from the excellent  Mark Bau's VRWebsite, and compared to track that remains since standardization.
G542 resting in loco siding at Horsham rail yard

The main station area extends, just over 6 metres across that rear of the garage (not enough space really) as  there are several turnouts that take a fear bit of space at the Melbourne end of the yard. The boards are resting on an L girder frame with the main yard area 1 metre across. Just enough space, but a bit squashed.
L girder frames taking shape.
The track turns into about 1000mm curves at each end, large enough to allow BGM well cars and longer ABFX and PBGY wagons to run through without too much bogie troubles.
The L girder probably not required for a flat yard but it becomes useful at the river crossing scene and to allow a second regional grain silo terminal station at a lower level.

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