Dimboola station. This great photo was taken by my son Craig

Friday, 30 January 2015

Stop the press - Ultimate NR's

Auscision Models announce they are going to produce the ultimate NR class, with factory fitted sound. I was informed about this development five months ago at Caulfield, and to the Main South Line, this means an expansion in the NR fleet. Currently I have three Austrains units, (one from the first run an two from the last run; and my son has two, one in Ghan and a Southern Spirit Livery). These models are now, unfortunately, out dated, with little detail that the modeller now expects.

Source: Auscision Models
Triple NR's passing through Mount Barker Junction, SA with a trailerail service from Melbourne.

NR 46 with five stars.
NR 115 with four stars. Who says they are all the same!

NR Liveries Auscision


  1. Dear Andrew
    The NR are to modern for my layout but the 120 members of the class has done alot of work since about 1993-94 I think. I am modelling Springhurst-Wahgunyah line 1962-1980 but I am trouble finding plans of murphy, ascom steel Silos, Williamstown concrete silo, and horizonal oats shed as horsham had them what are your plans to model them. God bless Malcolm Aldridge

    1. Hi Malcolm,
      I have several sheets of plans I was sent by VicGrain many years ago. I think there are drawings for each type. Each site though, the silos are of different dimensions. I need to scan these.
      I would like to add the oats shed, and the mill+silos and the steel silos, but I am a bit restricted for space at each end.

  2. The photo is Dimboola not Horsham as I have not been there I did not pick it up.
    Have a look on trove at the NLA site and you write in Silos of Western Victoria by Ian harrison Hill and up comes 40 photos of silos. a photo of Dahlen silo looks the some size as Springhurst. The silos don;t need to need to be modeled maybe a grain auger is all you need out of a wheat bunker. God bless Malcolm Aldridge.