Dimboola station. This great photo was taken by my son Craig

Saturday, 8 June 2013

VLEX vans

Even though this model was released during 2012, I decided to acquire a Powerline Models unit during the Adelaide Model Railway exhibition 2013. These wagons worked across the border from the time they were built, till the end of Australian National, and for SCT in Freight Australia green livery, till 2005.

  VLEX wagons stored at Dimboola.

I was actually after a VLNX, marked for news print only traffic, but none were available. These vans brought newsprint over to Adelaide for News Limited newspapers, from Tasmania, via Victoria. Powerline, currently only have these vans available, marked in VR livery. But as lettered a VLEX, it can be run with V/Line marked vans.

The main draw back with this model is that the under floor is painted black, when it should be wagon red, same as the body. As seen, in the photo, the body unclips from the floor, and will be repainted using Steam Era models wagon red. If one really wanted to model one with a door open, (sometimes seen when running) the doors are a separate piece, which clips in. The wagon is also a bit light, and could do with some extra weight.

Underfloor now painted in VR wagon red. I added a bit of black to try and match the body which was a bit darker in colour.

On Track Models, also produce these wagons. These are slightly more accurate, and also more fragile, as they are virtually an assembled, ready to run kit. (Meaning, as the Powerline body is one piece, the On Track body is made up of sides, end, floor and roof, all assembled). yet to obtain a set of these.