Dimboola station. This great photo was taken by my son Craig

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

C-Rail Intermodal HO containers.

C-Rail Intermodal's new HO scale, 20' and 40' reefer containers have now arrived, and are available. These are similar to their OO scale units, with the Daikin cooling unit all in separate parts, but the locking bars have been moulded on instead of separate parts. The separate cooling unit parts mean that different units can be reproduced.
When compared to the reefer containers produced by Walther, this model represents a modern reefer units with 'planked sides', whereas the Walthers model represents an older style of reefer with the riveted sides, that are no longer made. Many of the liveries that Walther's have produced on their models are inaccurate.
Walther's have produced a 20' 'planked' reefer, but it has not been available as a separate model for several years. Nobody, till now, with the C-Rail model, has produced a modern 40' reefer.

The first livery reproduced is Maersk, (pronounced M-ur-sk). Considering Maersk is the largest shipping company in the world, these boxes are rare on the Adelaide - Melbourne corridor, but they are carried through on Pacific National's Patrick services.

The C-Rail container fitted to a SDS NQOY wagon. All that was needed for the 20' unit, was for the mounting holes underneath had to be enlarged a fraction on the inner edges of the holes to fit. For mounting the 40' unit, it is best to enlarge only two holes if using the pins, as these units are true scale and the twist lock holes do not match the location holes in the wagons, which are designed to take SDS and Auscision containers. If permanently attaching to the wagon,then could do without the pins and just glue directly to the deck.

The cooling unit showing detail.
20' unit on NQOY wagon.
C-Rail reefer compared to Athearn older style unit.
A riveted sided reefer with Carrier cooling unit being used as a  cool room.
It is not often I unpack my Auscision Models CQBY skeletal wagons, but I wanted to see if the new reefers would fit. After twenty minutes placing the tiny container pins, the 20' with the enlarged holes fitted. Had the same result with the 40'  but the locking holes are a fraction to far apart in length. (they are design to fit the Athearn well wagons).  Would be unlikely to see a Maersk reefer on a CQBY,, but we do see Hamburg-Sud.
PS. You will not see a CQBY on a Pacific National train, they have their own, RQHY wagons. The CQBY is mainly seen on Aurizon/ex QRNational, and SCT services.


Prices are £9.00 for the 20' and £9.50 for the 40' units, including VAT.