Dimboola station. This great photo was taken by my son Craig

Friday, 24 March 2017

SCT PWWY well wagons

Sneaked in behind announcement of Indian Pacific passenger cars from Auscision, was the PWWY well wagons, purpose built for SCT. Currently run on all SCT services, but only double stacked Adelaide to Perth. Just need their long 80' flats and the SCT consist will be complete.

I have added some prototype photographs below.

End detail
End detail

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Year of the container

It looks like 2017 will be the year of the container, with Auscision undertaking a rerun and second run of their 40' units. All the existing liveries will be redone, plus a whole number of new liveries.

In addition, as to the Caulfield report: finally, Auscision will be releasing a 48' high cube container (which will include Linfox).

Also, Southern Rail Models, are also releasing 48' high cube containers, for their up and coming articulated wagons.

Almost all of the containers run on various operators trains today, except for Boxcar, mostly gone by the year 2000. Some the special FCL liveries would not be common either.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Auscisions PQFY inline fuel wagon

Auscision models have released a limited edition model of SCT's PQFY inline fuel tanker wagon.

All photos: Auscision models.
Unfortunately there is a glaring painting error on all four models, even shows on all their photographs, and that is the deck is not red, it is a charcoal/black colour. would also most have been worth buying one, but I imagine that to remove the tanks and pump would result in damage of something that would be hard to repair, as these are all resin.

Just is a side bit of information. Logicoil is SCT's fuel arm.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Auscision C43-44 and the beginning of 2017

It has been a while since posting. Just before christmas, my two Auscison C44's arrived and laid in wait till the festive celebrations were over. These been 6001 in QRNational bronco livery and GWU  005. I had purchased the Locpilot V4 decoders some time ago and these were installed almost immediately but not programed. (Eazy enough, just follow the instructions on the sheet provided). Just beware, the more times you take the body on and off, bits will begin to fall off.

First to be programmed was 6001, which immediately hit a snag with the head lights been on all the time. No problems with the GWU 005, it was fine. On closer examination, the wiring on 6001 did not follow to the same solder position as on the GWU version. Later, also learnt that the motor and headlight wiring was incorrect on the main board, see https://www.facebook.com/FullThrottlePrecision/posts/718429844975415 
This corrected the headlight being on all the time, but still have no front marker lights.
Next problem. The GWU is suppose to run in consist with my GWA. Now each of these work perfectly under DCC by themselves. Headlights switch on and off, till they were programmed as a consist. Headlights are now on, or off, depending on whether the consist was set up with each locos lights been on or off. (This sound strange. For the lights to be on, they had to be on when the consist was set up. They change direction, but will not turn off when the headlight function button is pushed). Both have the same decoder and I use a NCE system. Both my GT46 SCT locos have the same decoders and lights turn on and off in a consist.

Other end of the year my: RQKY container wagons arrived. (If the bogies do not swing to well, just unscrew and remove the paint around the mounting point. Also beware, some of the screws have not been screwed in too well and could be really tight). Its a pity there is no way of mounting containers to these wagons, as no pins were supplied like SDS. (I stand corrected. Olaf, see correspondence, is correct, the locating pins are in the box. Who would have thought to lift out the white insert cradle to see what was underneath!!!)
If you want to see what is right or wrong with these wagons, check out the Scott's Barcoola blog. http://barcoola.blogspot.com.au/2016/09/auscision-rmx-aqmx-aqsy-rqky-rqmf-rqmy.html

Friday, 30 September 2016

SouthernRail RRAY wagons

Southern Rail Models have announced they are producing National Rail's RRAY/RRBY and RRGY five pack articulated container wagons. The RRBY (are  65.8m in length) wagons were built by AN Islington,  in 1996-97, with 50 sets being put into service.
The  RRAY (are 73.1m in length) wagons were built between 1996 and 2000, with 98 being built.
       RRAY end platforms are 40' with mid platforms at 48'
       RRBY end platforms are 40' with mid platforms at 40'
The RRGY, are, Pacific National rebuilds, having 40' end units and lengthened middle platforms.
Another must for the modern image intermodal train modeller, especially for creating Trailerail services. (Now for more containers!)

SouthernRail Models (should be coded RRBY).
SouthernRail Models. (Should be coded RRAY).
RRAY end unit at 40, mid platforms at 48'.
RRGY end unit showing the 40' length.
Additional photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/60901191@N08/5612305363/ shows RRBY mid platform with a TNT 40' container.
                               https://www.flickr.com/photos/60901191@N08/5612306463/ shows RRBY mid platform with a 40' TNT container.
                               https://www.flickr.com/photos/77687072@N07/8204457753/ show RRAY mid platform at 48'.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Caulfield 2016 Report

It is that time of the year again, for the pilgrimage across to Melbourne for the ARMA exhibition at Caulfield. First, there had been a 33% increase in the admission price, which unfortunately was a reflection on the exhibition, as I would say it was so so this year. Just the lack of layouts: plenty of trade stands though.
Fist off, Auscision. At bit slow this year, not the usual crowds. The only 'new model' was the SSR BBGX/BBGY grain hoppers (ex VHGF) ; other wise plenty of their rerun models and GT46-ACe.
What's coming. The RMX container wagons have finished production and are on their way to Australia, to arrive shortly. The C43/44 GE diesels have almost finished production, due in October (one of the most complex production runs yet, as each version is different, and the quality control was immense to make sure all the right bits ended up on the right models).
New in the pipe line are 48' containers, due next year (no Linfox but there will be another exciting livery??). Passenger cars. Several passenger car set are in progress, this includes Indian Pacific cars, and Overland cars (but we will have to wait, as these are at the end of their list). Auscision will also be releasing their XGAY-WGBY-WGSY-BGSY grain wagons, due next year!!!

Formally announced three days after the exhibition.
Courtesy Auscision.
C43/44 Locomotive production models.
Production run RMX container wagons. Also samples of NODY variations and 48/830 bodies.
Victorian CP brake van test shot.
SDS had engineering samples of their up and coming flat wagons.

SouthernRail Models showing samples of the XGAY-WGBY-WGSY-BGSY grain wagons. These will be be available as a three pack.
Ontracks are waiting to see painted samples of their Victorian Sprinter railcars. Running very late, the factory seems to be procrastinating. Also, there are troubles with the 80 class project, there are  disagreements over the power pickup arrangement, coupler and staff exchange pockets.
Austrains had their new NSW loco 41 class, but were also off loading older stock at  great prices.

A town like Alice in G&WA era this time.
Victorian layout Naradhan
VR narrow gauge.
NSW Waterford

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

SDS next container wagons

As requested at a past Caulfield exhibition, (sometimes polite suggestions come into being) SDS are producing the FQX variations of the VR QMX/VQFX and National Rails RQTY. Also, been released is the first series FQF/FQX, which is slightly different to the second series, having a lashing rail along the side.
VR FQF/FQX series 1.