Dimboola station. This great photo was taken by my son Craig

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Tailem Bend visit

Joined a look around the remains of the Tailem Bend depot organised for members of SAMRA on Saturday. Many items of passenger rolling stock in a state of decay, around the old turntable. Of remaining buildings, there is the electric generating plant building, the workshops (now used by Transfield), the 'new' loco mess room and new loco office (used by G&W Australia). Unfortunatley, the little loco and district foreman's office, that was near the round house has gone.
In the historic photo of the depot, the foremans office is hidden in the tree on the left, and the loco mess, is the long building ion the right.


Electric generating plant building
Loco sanding tower
Viterra's grain complex.

More historic photos:


And Webb Street. These railway cottages were built in 1926. Each is prefabricated concrete panels, and has two bedrooms. They are of the same floor plan, but there are three different roof plans. Each cottage is mirrored on the other side of the road, and then the roof plan is repeated in groups of three.


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