Dimboola station. This great photo was taken by my son Craig

Friday, 28 June 2013

Auscision UGL Ci43/44ci part 2

To be available 2014 (maybe). Art work for the liveries has been placed on their website. Those of interest for the Adelaide to Melbourne route are below.

QRNational 6000 class

The 6000 class are operated on QR/Aurizon intermodal services.

6000 class updated livery

G&W GWU class
The GWU are used extensively on G&W grain trains to the South Australian border with Victoria.

Pacific National 93 class

The 93 class are beginning to show themselves on PN intermodal services, and are tipped to take over from the NR class as their numbers grow with new builds.

Finally caught sight of my first 93 class; only just. With the bad weather here in Adelaide, saw 6AM passing through the Mount Barker loop, 22/7/2013 at just past 9.30am. Leading was 9301, and managed a rushed photo as I had only just arrived, to await to see 5MP trailerail. (Which did not turn up as scheduled at 10.15am).

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